The Ultimate Guide to Small Business Tools and Software
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The Ultimate Guide to Small Business Tools and Software

 In today's fast-paced business landscape, working smarter, not harder, is the key to success. Small businesses, in particular, can greatly benefit from the right tools and software to streamline their operations. This comprehensive guide presents the 54 best tools and software solutions for small businesses, whether you're operating on a tight budget or ready to invest in premium options.

Why Small Business Tools and Software Matter

Small business owners understand that efficiency is crucial. The right tools and software can provide immediate, reliable, and secure access to vital company data and information, anytime and anywhere. But choosing the right ones can be a daunting task. Here's why investing in small business tools and software is essential:

1. Empower Team Productivity

Recognizing your team's potential to achieve great results is the first step toward selecting the right software and tools. Understanding each team's specific needs allows you to bridge gaps with solutions that encourage growth, communication, and collaboration, ultimately boosting productivity and performance.

2. Prioritize Teamwork and Efficiency

Scaling a small business requires a focus on teamwork and optimization. Small business software and tools are invaluable for handling everyday tasks, such as tracking employee productivity and performance, managing finances, and facilitating communication and collaboration.

The Benefits of Small Business Tools and Software

Running a small business is a team effort, and aligning your team's goals with your business objectives is essential for success. Here are the benefits that these tools and software solutions offer:

Productivity Enhancement

Productivity software and tools help teams work more efficiently, harnessing the power of momentum and conquering procrastination. These tools can significantly impact overall performance.

Automate Recurring Processes: Streamline routine tasks.

Optimize Teamwork and Performance: Enhance collaboration and task management.

Create Custom Digital Workflows: Tailor workflows to your business needs.

Improved Communication

Effective communication is the backbone of teamwork, and communication software and tools play a pivotal role in fostering collaboration, culture, and productivity.

Incentivize Meaningful Conversations: Encourage open dialogue.

Ignite Thoughtful Dialogue: Facilitate brainstorming and idea-sharing.

Encourage Deeper Engagement: Boost team involvement.

Drive Cohesive Decision-Making: Promote consensus-building.

Seamless Collaboration

Collaboration software and tools are essential for small businesses, especially those with remote teams. Modern collaboration solutions empower teams to work cohesively, regardless of their location.

Create a Network of Shareable Knowledge: Centralize information.

Facilitate Cross-Functional Idea Exchange: Encourage innovation.

Offer an Ecosystem of Shared Resources: Streamline access to essential assets.

Promote Team Alignment and Problem-Solving: Enhance teamwork.

Effective Marketing

Marketing software can transform a good marketer into a great one, providing valuable insights about customers and generating qualified sales leads.

Automate Scheduling: Efficiently manage appointments.

Build a Website: Enhance online presence.

Impact Employee Performance: Drive marketing efforts.

Organize Tasks and To-Dos: Stay on top of marketing campaigns.

Efficient Accounting

Modern accounting software simplifies financial management, allowing businesses to keep track of income and expenses without requiring financial expertise.

Track Revenue and Expenses: Maintain financial visibility.

Handle Taxes and Payroll: Ensure compliance.

Generate Custom Reports: Access insights.

Analyze and Forecast Finances: Plan for growth.

Streamlined Operations Management

Operations management software helps monitor employee engagement, quality control, and talent development.

Hire, Onboard, and Groom Top Talent: Build a strong workforce.

Establish Accountability and Align Goals: Drive performance.

Prioritize Support and Streamline Feedback: Enhance customer service.

Build Employee Confidence and Team Morale: Create a positive work environment.

The Best Small Business Tools and Software

Now, let's dive into the top 54 small business tools and software solutions to help your business thrive. Click on the categories below to explore each section, updated as of February 2020:

Productivity Software for Small Businesses

Email Management

Clean Email: Turn your inbox into an organized workspace.

Plans: Basic (Free), Pro ($9.99/month)

Time Management

RescueTime: Gain control of your workday.

Plans: Basic (Free), Premium ($6/month)

Workspace Organization

Shift: All-in-one app for productivity.

Plans: Basic (Free), Advanced ($99/year)

Scalefusion: Unified endpoint management solution.

Pricing: 14-day free trial, $2 - $6/device/month (annually billed)

Collaboration Software for Small Businesses

Project Management

ClickUp: All-in-one project management.

Plans: Free Forever, Unlimited ($5/member/month), Business ($12/member/month), Business Plus ($19/member/month), Enterprise (Contact Sales)

ProofHub: Powerful online project management and collaboration.

Plans: Basic (14-day free trial), Ultimate Control ($89/month), Essential ($45/month)

Communication Software for Small Businesses

Team Messaging

Flock: Business collaboration hub.

Plans: Basic (Free), Pro ($4.50/user/month)


Titan: Modern business email hosting.

Plans: Free 30-day trial, then $1.50/user/month

Neo: Customized professional email address.

Plans: Free 30-day trial, then $1.99/month

Productivity Software for Small Businesses

Process Automation

Zapier: Connect and automate your favorite apps.

Plans: Basic (Free), Starter ($20/month), Pro ($50/month) Automate sales, marketing, and more.

Plans: Basic (Forever Free), Startup ($49/month), Growth ($99/month)

Scribe: SOP generator for streamlined processes.

Plans: Basic (Free), Pro ($29/user/month)


Calendly: Simplify meeting scheduling.

Plans: Basic (Free), Premium ($8/user/month), Pro ($12/user/month)

Doodle: Book meetings faster.

Plans: Starter ($4/month), Pro ($6/month), Team ($30/month)

Video Conferencing

Flock: Host online meetings with ease.

Plans: Basic (Free), Pro ($4.50/user/month)

Zoom: Popular video conferencing app.

Plans: Basic (Free), Pro ($15/host/month), Business ($20/host/month)

File & Document Manager

Google Drive: Cloud-based file management.

Plans: Basic (Free, 15GB), G Suite ($6/month, 30GB), Google One ($2 - $10/month)

Dropbox: Fast file sync and sharing.

Plans: Individual Plus ($10/month, 2TB), Individual Pro ($17/month, 3TB), Teams Standard ($12.50/user/month, 5TB), Teams Advanced ($20/user/month, Unlimited)

Note-taking Apps

Todoist: Organize and prioritize tasks.

Plans: Basic (Free), Premium ($3/user/month)

Evernote: Premier note-taking app.

Plans: Basic (Free), Premium ($8/month), Business ($15/user/month)

Marketing Software for Small Businesses

CRM Apps

HubSpot: Manage customer relationships effectively.

Plans: Various options

Zoho: Comprehensive CRM solutions.

Plans: Various options

Social Media Marketing

Buffer: Simplify social media management.

Plans: Various options

SocialBee: Optimize your social media strategy.

Plans: Various options

Email Marketing

Mailmodo: Powerful email marketing platform.

Plans: Various options

Saleshandy: Email tracking and automation.

Plans: Various options

Omnisend: Marketing automation for e-commerce.

Plans: Various options

Active Campaign: Email marketing and automation.

Plans: Various options

Design Tools

PicsArt: Creative design and editing.

Plans: Various options

Movavi Video Editor: Video editing made easy.

Plans: Various options

Tailor Brands: Create a brand identity.

Plans: Various options

Website Host / Business Name Generator

GoDaddy: Domain hosting and more.

Plans: Various options

Renderforest: Online video and logo maker.

Plans: Various options

Website Builder

WordPress: The world's most popular website builder.

Plans: Various options

AccessiBe: Web accessibility solution.

Plans: Various options

QR Code Generator

Beaconstac: QR code generator and more.

Plans: Various options

Accounting Software for Small Businesses


QuickBooks: Track finances with ease.

Plans: Various options

FreshBooks: Simple accounting for small businesses.

Plans: Various options


PayPal: Secure online payments.

Plans: Various options

Stripe: Payment processing made easy.

Plans: Various options


Xero: Beautiful accounting software.

Plans: Various options

Wave: Free accounting software.

Plans: Various options

Tax Filing

TurboTax: Streamlined tax filing.

Plans: Various options

H&R Block: Tax preparation made simple.

Plans: Various options

Operations Software for Small Businesses

Customer Service

Zendesk: Exceptional customer service software.

Plans: Various options

Help Scout: Help desk software for small businesses.

Plans: Various options

Contract Management

DocuSign: E-signature and contract management.

Plans: Various options

HelloSign: Streamlined document signing.

Plans: Various options

Performance Management

BambooHR: HR management for small businesses.

Plans: Various options

15Five: Employee performance management.

Plans: Various options


LinkedIn Recruiter: Find top talent on LinkedIn.

Plans: Various options

AngelList: Connect with startups and talent.

Plans: Various options

Learning and Development

LinkedIn Learning: Access thousands of courses.

Plans: Various options

General Assembly: Learn essential skills.

Plans: Various options

These small business tools and software solutions can transform the way you operate, enhancing productivity, communication, and overall efficiency. Choose the ones that align with your specific needs and budget to propel your small business to new heights.